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I have a new devlog!

calendar_today 2019-05-15

A few years passed since I updated my website, so now it is time to update it with some content.

The plan is to make a devlog about my hobby game engines/frameworks and hopefully some games made with them. I consider participating in game jams as my hobby, so I'm in no rush finishing a big/commercial/successful game. I actually enjoy making little game engines more than finishing any games (It's time to embrace this now. I have no finished games only half working prototypes!), but I hope something fun/playable game will emerge from these efforts, sometimes!

Right now, I'm working on two projects:

An MS-DOS game framework

Why ...

  • Running on DOSBOX and jsdos in browser
  • Written in C and ASM.
  • Protected mode 32bit with Watcom C and DOS4GW
  • Soundblaster 16 bit sound effects / mixing
  • AdLib music (playing .RAD tracker music)
  • VESA SVGA graphics from 320x200 up to 1270x720
  • Fast sprite blitting routines

A game framework based on BABYJON.js

I have re-written this again and again every time I used it in a Ludum Dare. There are many versions from the past, each for different (older) BABYLON version and different physics engine and type of game.

  • A general javascript game framework (common parts of multiple future games) to make HTML5 / WebGL games to the web, desktop and mobile, using the fantastic BABYLON.js 3d WebGL engine.
  • General setup of the engine's features like cameras, lights, shadows, post-process shaders.
  • Entity system (entities, events, game logic and AI) based on Ammo.js physics
  • 3D tile maps and path finding.
  • Asset loading, loader screen.
  • Pixel based GUI (menus, buttons, HUD) and pixel font drawing.
  • CRT filter to render in low resolution and upscaling it to look like an old TV or CRT screen.
  • Some older versions had many components from Weather/day of time simulation to advanced particle systems, chunked map generation and many-lights management of shadow maps and lights.

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